Understanding electrochemical energy storage

A new research laboratory opens in March 2017 at the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
We work at the interface between electrochemistry and materials science.
Our mission is to understand the laws of nature – to observe, to describe, and to generalize – and to apply them to ground-breaking technologies in the context of sustainable energy storage.
Our research focuses on new, complex, structured materials for electrocatalysis, as well as on entirely new fuels for fuel cells.

We are hiring!

Are you a chemist? A materials engineer? Do you want to answer fundamental questions and make a positive impact on the world?

We welcome excellent candidates for MSc / PhD / post-doc research positions (Israeli and international). Fellowships are available!
We are also looking for a lab manager (PhD needed).
The positions will start in October 2017, but some fellowship applications must be submitted in the very near future – so apply soon! Send your CVs and research interests to david.eisen@gmail.com.