Prof. Dario Dekel

Chemical Engineering, Technion, Israel AEMFCs, Pt-free electrocatalysts, AEMs

Prof. Charles E. Diesendruck

Chemistry, Technion, Israel Understanding Pore Formation in Polymer-Derived Carbons
Led by: Tomer Burshtein

Prof. Tim-Patrick Fellinger

BAM, Berlin, Germany Transmetallation of Predesigned Carbon Architectures
Led by: Tomer Burshtein

Prof. Oz Gazit

Chemical Engineering, Technion, Israel Heterogeneous catalysis and advanced materials

Prof. Ilya Grinberg

Bar Ilan University, Israel Computational study of Hydrazine Oxidation on Carbons
Led by: Tomer Burshtein

Prof. Rhett Kempe

Bayreuth University, Germany Nanostructure electrocatalysts for hydrazine oxidation

Prof. Lior Kornblum

Electrical Engineering, Technion, Israel Oxide Materials for Electrocatalysis

Prof. Adi Radian

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion, Israel Designed carbon porosity for water remediation

Prof. Matthew E. Suss

Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Israel Microstructure and Stability of Carbon Cloth Electrodes.

Israel Electric Corporation

Haifa region, Israel Fly ash carbon templating
Led by: Shir Tabac