Electrochemical Stations

A 2-station electrochemical setup in our lab utilizes a 4-channel potentiostat and a rotation control unit, allowing for a variety of techniques to be used, such as linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry, as well as rotating disk and ring rotating disk electrodes. We hold glassy carbon, removable glassy carbon, glassy carbon + Pt ring, Pt disk, Pt wire and graphite electrodes. Experiments can be run in inert or aerobic atmosphere.
Moreover, we have a Bluetooth operated potentiostat and a rotation unit in our glovebox, allowing for highly sensitive experiments to be easily conducted in O2, H2O-free atmosphere.
Model name: BioLogic (VSP 211, SP 300 potentiostats), Pine Research (electrodes, rotation control units, rotation motors), PalmSens – compact electrochemical interfaces (PalmSens 4 potentiostat, glovebox).