1-4.11.18 Cornell University, USA – faculty exchange visit with Prof. Abruña

David visited Prof. Hector Abruña in Cornell University (Ithaca, New York), as part of the Ruch Faculty Exchange Program. Try to take a shortcut at 6 am, he stumbled upon the Pascadillo Gorge (and so discovered the true meaning of the word “gorgeous”…) He was then humbled and delighted to meet many amazing scientists, including such iconic figures as Prof. Roald Hoffmann (to discuss nitrogen fixation – in Russian!) and Prof. Frank diSalvo (to discuss crystal growth, with phase diagrams in hand – like playing basketball with Michael Jordan!) In the evening, together with Prof. Abruña and Prof. Zax, he enjoyed a fabulous, super-kosher meal at the luxurious Bodega Abruña, thanks to Dr. Abruña’s incredible hospitality and long-term planning. Finally, David spoke at the Cornell Chabad Center about the fruitful juxtaposition of Hassidic thought and the scientific spirit. Now waiting for Prof. Abruña’s return visit to Israel!