Nicola M. Seraphim

Nicola M. Seraphim

Nicola is a B.Sc. researcher, studying Material Science and Engineering and Chemistry at the Technion.

His research focuses on Activated Carbon Cloth electrodes and their stabilization and protection from corrosion. He joined the Eisenberg Lab for Electrochemistry and Energy for his interest in energy, the challenges this field faces today and for the opportunity to have his own independent research project. He first stumbled upon this group by hearing someone say during a lecture “this new guy researches some cool stuff”.

He worked in the EOP project to help Arab students settle in the Technion as both a social mentor and an academic mentor teaching chemistry.

He plans to make the world a better place through the knowledge he gains working in this lab.

Papers in the group:

  • R. Uwayid, N. M. Seraphim, E. N. Guyes, D. Eisenberg, M. E. Suss, “Characterizing and mitigating the degradation of oxidized cathodes during capacitive deionization cycling”, Carbon, 173, 1105-1114, 2020