Nicola M. Seraphim

Nicola M. Seraphim
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Nicola was born in Haifa in 1997, currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree at the Eisenberg group. He received his B.Sc. degree in Material Science and Chemistry at the Technion in 2021.

While working in the Eisenberg lab as a research assistant since 2018, his research focused on activated Carbon Cloth electrodes and their stabilization and protection from corrosion. During his undergraduate studies he contributed

In March 2020, He decided to continue for his M.Sc. in the group due to his passion and interest in energy and electrochemistry, studying porosity in materials for energy applications. His main research focuses on the properties of porosity in materials and the architecture of which it acquires, finding the meaningful aspects of porosity, as well as finding an application for each material.

In September 2022 Nicola continued to the direct Ph.D. track, carrying on with his work on porosity. This work will focus on building both experimental and computational models addressing various characteristics of porosity, mainly connectivity.

In his spare time outside the lab, he likes to read novels, practice Jiu-Jitsu and acquire knowledge in other fields.


  • B.Sc. degree in material science and chemistry (cum laude)
  • The 2021 Excellence Fellowship from the Dean of Graduate Studies
  • The Higher Council of Education MSc Excellence Fellowship for Arab students
  • The Higher Council of Education PhD Excellence Fellowship for Arab students

Papers in the group:

  • R. Uwayid, N. M. Seraphim, E. N. Guyes, D. Eisenberg, M. E. Suss, “Characterizing and mitigating the degradation of oxidized cathodes during capacitive deionization cycling”, Carbon, 173, 1105-1114, 2020
  • I. Salton, K. Ioffe, T. Y. Burshtein, E.M. Farber, N.M. Seraphim, N. Segal, D. Eisenberg, "Lanthanoid coordination compounds as diverse self-templating agents towards hierarchically porous Fe–N–C electrocatalysts", Mater. Adv., 3, 7937 – 7945, 2022