Noam Zyser

Noam Zyser

I am currently a Master’s student in the Eisenberg group. My research (held in collaboration with the Technion and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems) is exploring the rational design of multi-doped catalysts for electro-oxidation of urea for the use of fuel cells based on alternative fuels.

My desire to delve into the field of renewable energy began as I served as a tour and hiking guide in the nonprofit organization “The Society for Protection of Nature in Israel”. In this position, I had the opportunity to see first-hand and learn how fossil fuel harms the environment and nature while wandering the country.

This led me to pursue a BSc in Biotechnology Engineering with a specialization in environmental biotechnology at ORT Braude College of Engineering (2015-2020). During my BSc studies, I joined Dr. Iris Weitz’s lab where I researched the use of copper-oxide nanoparticles as both diagnostic and therapeutic tools for various types of cancer (research in collaboration with Prof. Haim Azhari from the Biomedical Engineering faculty at the Technion).

From 2019 to 2020, I had the opportunity to participate in year-long visiting student research at Langer Lab-MIT, located at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, where I explored the use of antibody-conjugates for enhanced immunotherapy to maximize therapeutic potency and reduce toxicity.

Returning from Boston, with the skills and experience I gained from those previous researches, I decided to refocus my interest back on renewable energy- and here we are today.


  • Recipient of the Energean Fellowship